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A Mobility Partner can Manage Shady Accounts in an Enterprise

As the usage of smartphones penetrates in consumer society, it is also adding hidden dangers that threaten loss and leakage of data. Many Android phones seem to be vulnerable to security threats as people carry and use their cell phones at work also. With new apps being introduced daily, many users install apps that may prove to be dangerous. Enterprises that allow their staff to use cell phones for official work are prone to more deadly attacks. Not many people know about ‘shady accounts’ that need to be checked. It calls for enterprise mobility management services by an experienced partner. If your enterprise allows the usage of mobile phones at work, sensitive data should be safe. The following information is a basic guide to understand how your business can be vulnerable to dark hardware and how shaking hands with the right mobility partner is a must.

Mobility services in current business environment

A smartphone has become a computing tablet

As mobile apps are being made for almost every sector, the benefits are largely for innovation and being ‘first to come into the market’ for many enterprises. The technology curve allows various organizations to remain a few steps ahead of their rivals. While, many of them have added different apps to help their employees to work on the move, the dark side of mobility has not been accounted for. Thus, managed mobility services are increasingly becoming important in the current business environment. This is mainly because employees bring their own devices at work and do business from remote locations. On that sense, a smartphone is no longer an instrument only to make and receive calls. Only about 3% of the smartphones pertain to the function of the phone. The rest are used for adapted applications and in some cases, stores most confidential information. Nearly 80% of users have persona and professional stuff on their devices. Thus, enterprises have to engage enterprise mobility management services to protect their sensitive data.

Insecure software damages business

Familiar with dangers of the shady mobile?

In the last few years, many enterprises are dealing with ‘shady mobile’ phones issues that are affecting the way the organization works, secures data and also manages rogue spending. Now, with the help of professional mobility services, there is more awareness about insecure software damages that have a negative impact on business. The dark areas of the mobile environment pertain to operations, access to accounts and hardware via apps. These are the main areas where professional management of mobility services will be required to mitigate the risks and dangers of the shady mobile functions.

The hardware management has been completely neglected when it comes to mobile management. They remain hidden in smartphones or tablets. In many enterprises they are also a part of the recorded data in the inventory.  No one in the organization holds responsibility for any leaks or insecure software that may be installed on the device. In some cases, employees who are aware of the accounts may not even recognize the need to keep the information safe. They usually forget all about it once the day’s work is over. Like the hardware, there are several ‘shady accounts’ also that are lurking in the device. They too are unaccountable.

Many people also forget that the basic uses of cell phones are for making calls and receiving them. Have you ever thought of the call record data that may be unaccounted for in your own cell phone? Yes, it is something to think about. The risk and danger is medium to high depending on the position you hold in the enterprise. What is worse is that accounts that have been abandoned when an employee leaves are also a security challenge. This means compromises to the company information and access via such shady accounts need to be addressed immediately.

It is highly recommended to engage a partner for enterprise mobility management services in the continued business interests. An experienced partner will help you locate such dark mobile accounts and manage the security. And just to let you know, recycling old devices which have accounts that no longer matter can be channeled. Choose a partner who is able to offer different functions as part of the services programs. These could include automation, cell roaming, and overage device management.



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