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A city which never sleeps, a city which fulfills the dream of everyone, a city which is the economic capital of India, a city which is famous for the nightlife, a city which is well known for its street food is definitely the Mumbai. The cultural diversity of Mumbai can be seen in the culinary

People from around the corner came here for its scrumptious taste. The different parts of this are famous for the food. So, now it’s time to dive into the best street food in Mumbai.

  • VadaPav

Vada Paw is among the most preferred street food in Mumbai. A deep fried potato dumpling is placed inside a bread bun. The bread bun is also known as Paw. Then it is sliced almost in half through the middle. The dish is served with spicy and sweet chutneys, garlic powder chutney, and fried chilies. Due to its ultimate taste, this dish as made its presence on the stalls and restaurants across India. It is also popularly known as Bombay Burger as due to its origin and physical resemblance with the burger.

  • MisalPav

Misal is a popular delicacy, hailing from Maharashtra. It is a very appetizing recipe which is served as a breakfast or snacks. It is often seen in every street of Mumbai. You will really fall in love with the taste.  It is made up of a spicy misal; a spicy flavourful curry made of moth beans, or simply misal.

  • PavBhaaji

The very first thing that we need to do before making a PavBhaaji is to mashed vegetables cooked with spices and seasonings (bhaaji). It is served with bun bread (pav) heated on a pan. Butter is applied on the bun. Wow is the only word that comes from the mouth when the pav and bhaaji fuse with each other in our mouth. Cannon PavBhaji on DadabhajiNaoroji Road near CST is a must try. You can also try the Tawa Pulao and BrunMaska (butter in a bun).

  • BhelPuri and SevPuri

BhelPuri and SevPuri are the most popular ones. BhelPuri is a Marathi Chaat made out of puffed rice, vegetables, and a tangy tamarind sauce.

SevPuri is also a kind of chaat which is essentially made of Puri. This puri is loaded with diced potatoes, onions, and 3 chutneys. These chutneys are usually of tamarind, chili, and garlic. Then it is topped with sev. Sev is just a small piece of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste. The recipe is ready now to serve along with seasoned raw mango or a hint of lemon and chaat masala.

  • BatataVada

BatataVada is a famous Mumbai street food. It is popularly known as AlooBonda. In order to make this vada, the potato mash patty is coated with deep-fried chickpea flour. Seasoning such as salt, red chili powder, and turmeric are added to it. And finally, the dish is served with both green chutney and fried green chilies.

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