Myths About Pests at Home or Office Space

The most effective and recommended option for getting rid of pests in your home or business is of course using pest management specialists. However, many people prefer to exterminate by themselves insects that break into their homes instead of hiring professionals. And this, for certain specific reasons, that we call, myth.

Here are the top six myths that encourage people not to use the services of professional exterminators to get rid of pests.

1st myth: “I saw only a few parasites in my house …!”

Many people think that they can control pests by themselves because they have found very few insects in the house. However, most parasites are nocturnal and hide in cracks and dark corners. It is therefore generally difficult to know exactly how many parasites there are (unless you know their usual hiding places and have the necessary knowledge).

Before undertaking the extermination of insects by oneself, it is important to have the premises inspected by a pest management professional. He will help to know the hiding places of the insects and will give advice as a result of the number of insects present and the species in question.

Tip: Do not judge by the little you see. There may be more hidden insects in your property than you thought. help you to make your home or office free of pests.

2nd myth: “I can easily find insecticides in shopping centres”

Most pest control products such as insecticides and pesticides can be purchased in grocery stores and other supermarkets. However, you should know that the product you want to buy may not be the right product for you. Indeed, maybe you have not correctly identified the insect at home or did you take a product at random. Maybe you have the wrong product!

Hiring a professional pest management company that has been providing services for several years will help you properly identify pests through its entomology knowledge and general expertise. In addition, the expert will be able to apply the best control methods adapted to pests.

Hiring an extermination expert will also help you reduce the risk of food and water contamination when spraying the product as it is mandated to follow rigorous standards during treatment and must choose an insecticide product that is the least risky for health and the environment. Visit to more about their services.

3rd Myth: “Exterminators are very expensive!!!”

Many people consider it expensive to hire a professional pest control firm.

This is not true.

Most companies offer you the estimate and inspection of your home for free. In addition, they choose the right products for your situation and easily adapt to your requests and restrictions. They are even available free on social networks to answer your questions and they put at your disposal a blog to explain their methods and to make you know more about pests.

Without their help, you may not be able to completely exterminate the parasites in one treatment (depending on the species to be exterminated and the stage of the infestation) and it will cost you more to buy and to buy different products to overcome…

Tip: know that with the years, the exterminators know the parasites and know that several species adapt to certain insecticides. They know, after experiences, how to thwart their plans and find the best methods and treatments to get rid of pests as effectively as possible.


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