NJ Woman Ahyanah Mincy Blogs For Women In Business

Ahyanah Mincy is a senior at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey majoring in Business Management. Her passion for business leads her to begin a blogging platform for women in business and entrepreneurship, She writes on Mogul which is a platform started by women to give other women a voice. Mogul is a website that allows women to post articles, videos, poems, obtain jobs and ask questions. Women use the site as a safe space to initiate conversations and spread ideas. This college student decided to join the platform and wanted to shine a light specifically on female business leaders.

Women in business are often unrepresented and ignored and Ahyanah Mincy had enough. She wanted to broadcast the success of women leaders in business and finance. She began by using the platform by highlighting black women in business. She wanted to find black women who owned businesses and were leaders in their companies; wrote two compelling articles casting a spotlight on not only their businesses but their ideas. She would also ask female entrepreneurs if they had any advice for adolescent women which opened a Pandora’s box for innovation among youthful.

Ahyanah not only showcases black female entrepreneurs but also mom entrepreneurs as well. Mothers often go unappreciated in the business world and their accomplishments and the media often underreports black women and moms and general in the world in business. Ahyanah is a business student who wanted to make a difference by making female entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds the stars of the show. This college senior recognizes a problem and instead of complaining about she herself developed a solution. Her articles began getting thousands of views as readers used the stories of successful women to motivate their own lives.

This young journalist says she gets hundreds of requests per month from women and people who know female leaders in business. She recently began shining spotlights on individual entrepreneurs to inspire readers that their dreams no matter how big or small. According to Mogul they only have a few thousand users who earn a verified badge which is typically reserved for celebrities, politicians leaders in the business world such as. Nevertheless, Ahyanah earned the prestigious checkmark by featuring the women entrepreneurs that the media make an effort to show. Ahyanah’s amazing blogs can be read at www.ahyanahmincy.com

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