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The online account: A way of modern trading

The share market offers ample opportunities to people who love trading to have a good profit. The main area where the profit can be booked is intraday trading. Here the buyer, on the basis of his knowledge can buy or sell some shares that can help him to make a profit. Here one must remember that he should go for trading on his own knowledge and experience only as the tips offered by the people in the market can be fake and hence not to trust them.

For the purpose of trading one needs to have at least a trading account which can be opened with any broker or sub-broker in the market. As a client, one can have two options to go for the trading. He can open an online account or an offline one. Both of these options have certain positive features and also a few limitations that one needs to take into account while going for any of these options. There are online discount brokers who can offer a discount in brokerage if one goes for an online account.  Now for a trader, the discounted brokerage rate matters a lot, and hence many traders get attracted to such accounts also. However, to know the account one needs to understand both of these accounts in detail and accordingly decide which one will suit to his style of trading and if he has sufficient resources for the same or not. Here are some details of both these accounts provided.

  • Offline account: The offline account is one where the client needs to call the broker, and the terminal operator will carry out the trade as per his instruction. One can also ask about market situation and movements in specific companies which can help him know if he wants to trade or not. If he wants to trade, he needs to instruct the bolt operator to place an order for buying or selling of particular shares of a particular number and set different limits such as profit booking or stop loss. Hence the client need not keep the market watching as the bolt operator is there to help him. Those who are busy with other activities during the market hours, need to go for such sort of account where a dedicated person is offered to help them in trading.
  • Online account: In this account, the client needs to have a computer or a smartphone with the live connection of internet to carry out the trades. Here trading is done by the client himself, and hence one needs to keep watch on market movement. Many broking houses offer low brokerage rates to those clients who open an online account and hence if one has resources as well as knowledge of trading, he can go for this account and save handsome expenses on brokerage. It is important to know here that the client is provided technical support by the service providers and in case there is any technical trouble, the service provider also helps in trading for a temporary time.

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