Online Copyright Registration in India

Online Copyright Registration in India

Companies in the financial market of India are playing an immense role in endeavoring to bring a transformation in the way financial services in India market are provided. Currently a plentiful number of financial services like startup business registration, Company Registration, Private Limited Registration, Sole Proprietor Registration, LLP Registration, One Person Company, Public Limited Company, online copyright registration, Society / Trust / NGO Registration, Foreign Company Subsidiary Registration, Cooperative Society Registration, Online copyright registration, Producer Company, NBFC Registration, Liaison Office India, GST services, Tax services, credit and loans, insurance and other financial services are provided by innumerable companies online. All sorts of registrations including online copyright registrations are done with few clicks over the internet in a much hassle-free way. Copyright registration, under the Copyright Act of 1957, ensures a lot of rights of the customers like communication to the public, the rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work which in return ensures the safety to the work carried out. No one can copy the work and establish uniqueness to the product that is already provided by the creator. Some startup companies also get copyright registration related to instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Online copyright registration can be done through quite easily now with much lesser charges today than that was before.


 People will notice the ownership of your work. It gives constructive notice to the public that you own the work and helps defeat claims of innocent infringement. The registration will only demonstrate the validity of your copyright which can save you from future challenges of your work. Perhaps the most important benefit is to bring an infringement suit. Without the registration, a copyright holder cannot bring the lawsuit for copyright infringement.

The Indian financial market is crowded with thousands of products from more than 100 Banks and NBFCs. All the platforms are working explicitly, helping people out in making the right decision for the product and services they want to purchase and also to develop financial literacy and empowerment of Indian customers to reach out to the best solution without wasting any valuable time. Get a suitable platform and get yourself ready for the online copyright registration in India to keep your work safe.


For online copyright registration in India:

  1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant
  2. Name, address and nationality of the creator or author of the work
  3. If the author is deceased, then the date certificate of his death
  4. Names, addresses and nationalities of the owners of the having rights in the copyright work
  5. Names, addresses and nationalities of other person, if any, authorized to assign or license the rights
  6. No -objection certificate from the Trademark Registry
  7. The applications should be signed by the applicant or the advocate in whose favour a Power of Attorney has been executed
  8. Title of the work
  9. Nature of the applicant’s interest in the work
  10. Two copies of the work to be protected under copyright registration

An online copyright registration in India will prevail throughout not only to protect an idea for a story or play, but it will protect a script for the same.

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