Online Tools That John Eilermann St. Louis Suggests To Let Your Fundraising Event Achieve Targets

Non-profit organizations have had to work a lot harder earlier than they have to now in order organize fundraising events and make the most out of it. Earlier they had to do campaigns on their own, and there was not one who could take the responsibility and share their burden. There was mostly some outdated toolkit which had some confused CRM systems that were mainly designed for the sales department, and the non-profit organizations had to make the best use of them. However, John Eilermann St. Louis states that there are multiple resources, mostly digital which helps these non-profits now achieve their goals.

Few Online Tools That John Eilermann St. Louis Believes Non-Profits Can Make Best Use Of

  • Edgar For Social Media

This is nothing but an automated social media platform which can automatically keep updating the posts for the respective organizations on their respective Twitter handle, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. These organizations can feel free to import scores of Tweets that come every single day and keep them updated on the respective social media profiles on their own.

  • TechSoup

Something new for the nonprofits which are not that large in scale and dimension and keep spreading their wings accordingly. This particular tool allows the non-profits to partner with for-profit organizations especially those who have a charitable bend of mind and offer hardware and software solutions at a much discounted rate.

  • AWeber or the MailChimp

One of the most common ways that the non-profit organizations utilize to cultivate their donors is by the use of E-mail newsletters which keep updating the events as and when it comes. This proves to be much cheaper than the Snail mails, the alternative way favorite earlier, and can be highly targeted as most of the people are on their e-mails every single day.

  • Gift Range Calculator

Are you wondering how many gifts you might need at multiple levels so that you can achieve the fundraising goal you aim at? However, doing this tiring process manually might just pile up your work, and to streamline this entire process, the Gift Range Calculator was designed by the Fundraising Coach where all the fundraising campaign goal can be plugged in, and it will give you the desired result with a complete breakdown of gifts.

The most tiring of all this, according to John Eilermann St. Louis is to have the right set of volunteers who will work diligently and bring in more and more donors for every event you organize. Now, screening the candidates and then getting them on board is a tiring process for sure and not all will be fruitful. There are online tools which have an entire list of candidates who are willing to work for long hours at low pay for some internship programs or so.

These are indeed a great help for the non-profits as it not only saves time for them but also allows them to focus on the areas they want to. Make the best use of these tools and achieve whatever you wanted in life.

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