Oriental Delights That You Can Taste At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Oriental Delights That You Can Taste At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic tourist attraction where people from all over the world culminate to enjoy, live and experience what the cosmopolitan city has to offer. Among the many things that this unique city offers to its inhabitants and guests, food stands out as the most important. All kinds of culinary delights can be enjoyed here by you and there are restaurants that serve a variety of food fare of international variety and the Japanese restaurants in Singapore is one of them.

You can find these restaurants at various Singapore locations and they employ native cooks so you get authentic Japanese foods, snacks and drinks. Here are some of the highlights of the Japanese recipes popularly sought after throughout the world:

  1. Gluten Free Fried Rice

This is a routine fare that can be served at weeknights, and it is a wholesome and fool proof dinner that is completely filling. Restaurants serve them in variety and form and mainly use egg, ham and green onions to make up the Japanese friend rice. The recipe is easy to cook and serve and the restaurants make them special by adding color, flavor and unique tastes.

  1. Teriyaki Salmon

If you are a seafood lover then you must try this at a Japanese restaurant nearby. It is made in soy sauce, mirin and sake and in the Japanese way. it is filleted before it is made so it absorbs the flavor completely and cooks faster. If you are not overawed by seafood, then you can always order the restaurant to serve you with Chicken or Beef Teriyaki

  1. YakiUdon

It is a great recipe that will be savored by noodle lovers. It is fat, chewy and bursting with flavor. The noodles are stir fried with vegetables and choice of proteins such as meats, fish etc.

  1. Stir fry vegetables (YasaiItame)

It could make a great meal for the night and it is packed with plenty of protein and veggies. Assortment of vegetables is stir fried along with your choice of meats. It takes about 30 minutes to make and at a restaurant its composition can dramatically change.

  1. Wafu Pasta with Shrimp & Asparagus

This Japanese pasta makes a sumptuous meal and it is seasoned with soy sauce. Dashi broth is added to whip up the flavor and to make it a delicious option it is added with shrimp and asparagus. You can also eat the regular tomato based Wafu Pasta from the restaurants.

  1. Omurice

Omelette Rice is known as Omurice in Japanese restaurants in Singapore and it is simply prepared in pan with rice, ketchup, chicken and wrapped in egg layer or omelette. It is a much sought after item and staple for Japanese origin.

  1. Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl)

It is made with chicken and egg pieces and is simmered in soy dashi sauce. It usually accompanies white rice and is delicious to eat. This dish is a classic Donbori dish and is served in different variations at Japanese restaurants.

  1. Gyudon (Beef Bowl)

It is a quick fix meal but is much published and sought after in restaurants. The dish is made quickly by tossing sliced beef, eggs, onions, in to a pan and can be fantastic accompaniment for a bowl of rice.

The Japanese recipe just not ends here as you have endless number of salads, beverages and delicious Japanese sweets to supplement them. You can find a whole range of Japanese foods and restaurants and all you need to do is to refer www.ourfoodchannel.com.

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