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Here Is The Reason Why Cakes Are So Popular Across The World

There is no denying that cakes are an extremely popular dessert in the world. Starting from the far North of the globe to the places in the extreme south, almost everywhere you can see a frantic love for cakes. But have you ever wondered why cakes are so popular? Why is it that it appeals to everyone starting from toddlers to octogenarians? Well, the reasons have been listed below. Have a look-

  • The first and most important reason why cakes are so famous a food item is because they are sweet. Although people nowadays refrain from taking a lot of sugar because of the health issues it causes, the love for sugar sweetened food items has not really waned over time. And you will be surprised to know that it’s not just small kids that love desserts, even older people have an uncanny fondness towards them. Sweet is probably the most loved flavour in the world. And that is probably the reason why most cuisines are followed by desserts. In many cultures, it is considered a good practice to leave home only after tasting something sweet. Such is the popularity of sweet edibles. Considering the craze for desserts and others sugar-sweetened food, the popularity of cakes seems quite natural.
  • The second important reason why cakes are so popular is because it is not loaded with fatty substances. Yes, nowadays people have started to coat basic sponge cakes with icing. But this was not the practice many-many years ago. People used to bake very basic sponge cakes that used to taste delicious. But they used to keep them without any coating of fatty icing. If you look at cakes from that perspective, you will realise that they are much less fatty than other desserts that are often based on highly fatty ingredients.
  • Another important reason why cakes are so popular is because they look amazing. Yes, there is hardly any dessert that can match up to the kind of visual appeal cakes have. Yes, a sponge cake is not going to make you go wow. But with so many varieties of designs possible with icing, cakes are definitely one of the best-looking desserts we have today. And they can be given so many different themes that you will really be overwhelmed by the amount of creativity you can put into baking cakes.
  • Cakes are available everywhere. Whether you live in India or South Africa or in Africa, you are sure to find cake shops. And because the ingredients required to bake a basic cake are not too many, you can prepare them even at home. This is one important reason why cakes are such a rage across the world. And guess what! They are not extremely pricey. Yes, you can buy a cake as costly as a piece of furniture, but that is certainly going to be a huge cake from some big brand, having the best imaginable design. But for a basic cake that you want to share with your family, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

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