Rto Vehicle Information Now At Your Fingertips

Rto Vehicle Information Now At Your Fingertips

Buying a used vehicle is no more looked down upon as it used to be earlier. Youth’s trust in online automobile shopping has skyrocketed which can be established from the fact that e-commerce companies have witnessed a tremendous boom in their revenue.

One of the major players of this segment is Droom which is currently dominating the online auto marketplace of buying and selling used cars & bikes. The company has launched various innovate products like “OBV’ (Orange Book Value), “Eco- Vehicle Inspection” which are giving this Gurgaon based startup an edge over its competitors.

The market for used cars is increasing manifolds with each passing day.

The greatest challenge in selling used vehicles is the gaining the trust of the buyers on the condition of the vehicle. Droom has solved this challenge with their OBV (orange book value) that calculates the maximum price range a vehicle should be sold as per the current market value.

The tool has been built using Droom’s proprietary technology that is based on 21st century Data Science and machine learning methodology. The tool has been extensively used by sellers that enables them to evaluate the right price of their vehicle in the present market. The tool is also used by leading NBFC companies that gives them the confidence to provide loan to the customers.

Also, there is a fear that the used vehicle might be stolen. The company has put an end to all these fears as you can now get a detailed RTO vehicle information just under 10 seconds.

The Regional Transport Office or Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) is the organization of the Indian government that keeps a database of the vehicles that are registered within the Indian territory.

The company has a huge database of around 1000+ RTO offices all around the country. The database includes information of around 200 million vehicles covering 50+ parameters of a vehicle.

The entire process is astonishingly easy as it is completed in just 3 simple steps. Just enter the vehicle’s registration number which would then show up a detailed history certificate of the vehicle. This online report is unbiased and a genuine all the information you see is provided by RTO(Regional Transport Office).

The report can further be downloaded and shared to whoever you want to share with. The option to share the report is useful in case you want the opinion of your friend or an expert.

You can get a basic RTO vehicle information at free of cost. You can see detailed information about a vehicle just by paying a nominable fee.

The paid version gives you information on about 50 different aspects of a vehicle like theft history, insurance status and so on.  A detailed information about a vehicle would save you from being duped by a fraudulent seller.

You don’t need to be genius to understand that the importance of knowing the RTO vehicle information before you loosen out your pocket.

The portal serves as an unbiased source of RTO vehicle information that will help you to a great extent.

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