How to Live Healthier In Moderation

Shahriar Ekbatani Advices How to Live Healthier In Moderation without Feeling Guilty

Living a healthy lifestyle has become essential these days as lifestyle diseases have become an epidemic. Although our life expectancy has increased, yet it has become a life full of diseases and ailments. As per Shahriar Ekbatani that often these diseases start earlier than expected due to the heavily polluted atmosphere and the lack of pure food devoid of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides. In such a scenario, having a healthier lifestyle has become absolutely essential to keep diseases at bay. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, asthma and cardiac problems have spread their fangs everywhere.

The problem has further accelerated due to the lack of healthy lifestyle. Our sedentary lifestyle devoid of proper diet and regular exercise is a root cause of this phenomenon. However, gruesome it might seem but the situation is under control. We can easily reverse this phenomenon and lead a healthier lifestyle just by following certain things and without panicking.

Exercise Regularly

Having a thorough exercise regime is essential for a healthy lifestyle. For this one doesn’t need to go to the gym and slog for hours. Just a few minutes of walking and running along with some freehand exercises will do the trick. Try not to be idle and sit at a place for long hours. Such lifestyle does more harm than good. So get up from your office desk every 1-2hours and move out to get fresh air, and then come back again to work. That will refresh both your mind and body. Indulge in 30-60minutes of exercise daily. Exercise in an open space like a playground or people where it’s quiet and peaceful yet you get to meet people. Include yoga and meditation in your exercise routine that’ll reduce the stress and equip you for a healthier lifestyle.

Maintain a proper diet

Here dieting doesn’t mean hard-core dieting like the celebs and starve yourself to death while surviving only on health drinks and supplements. Instead, get rid of those low card formulas and health drinks rather concentrate on having a healthy dose of nutritious food. Eat all kinds of things, different kinds of things but in the right proportion. Don’t eat too much of fat and less of protein. Balance them properly. Eat a healthy breakfast comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, fibres and fat. Drink homemade fruit juices instead of beverages like cola. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and try to eat fresh things as much as possible.

Drink plenty of water and rinse food before eating

Lastly, drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Water can’t be reduced with beverages and fruit juices. Water is water. You need to get enough of it in your system not caffeine mixed and sugar content health drinks. Remember what we said about preservatives and chemicals used in food items? So, you have to clean your vegetables and fruits before cooking them. In fact, cooking them properly is essential to keep various food borne diseases at bay, which are spread from raw food items. SO make sure you rinse your food items and cook them properly.  As per Shahriar Ekbatani opinion that thus, people live in moderation without feeling guilty.


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