Should Parents Use BlurSPY Android Spy To Monitor Their Kid’s Phone?

Should Parents Use BlurSPY Android Spy To Monitor Their Kid’s Phone?

Kelly Yeomans a young teenaged school girl faced bullying at school as well as in her own house and ever in her own room, thanks to the internet and smart phones. She was bullied to the extent that she could not bear it anymore. It felt so painful to her that the only medicine that felt effective enough to her was to end her own miserable life. The developing brain of the aged 13 angel was not enough to handle the situationand without proper guidance from the side of her parents the helpless child surrendered against the bullies and in May 1999 she fainted away. She had been subjected to cyber bullying, harassment and repeated taunting, particularly about her weightby the other local children.

The main reason for what happened with Kelly was the negligence of her parents. They gave a free hand to Kelly to do whatever she seemed fit and they were not there to help her when she needed them the most because they didn’t know what’s happening to her and what is she going through. Young teen aged children are reluctant to share their secrets with anyone not even their own parents because most of them think that they are old enough to handle their disputes but form the above instance it is clear that they do need some parental guidance and they cannot take care of themselves. Someone have to keep a close eye on them and have to talk about what is happening in their life.

Keep them safe from the Social Monsters:

The above instance is the perfect example of why parents need to monitor the activities of their children and in today’s fast paced world these young teen are attracted toward social applications like Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder and TikTok where they make online friends and those teenagers who are unable to make friends in their own social circle find refuge in applications like tinder where they have the liberty to date unknown people and Tinder encourages them to do so. TikTok is a platform where teenagers are praised for making short videos of any sort and then set its privacy to public so that anyone with a smart phone and internet connection can take a look at your child’s personal life. Teenagers also take huge risks to get more number of likes and shares of their posts so that they can show off their popularity and thrash off the title of geek that is given to them if they are unable to do so.

Why Parents should Use the BlurSPY:

Coming back to the topic of our discussion I am sure you are convinced that every modern parent should use android spy to keep an eye on the activities of their children. Parents should be cleverer than these teenagers to confront and investigate them when they are hiding some valuable information.

Why you should use BlurSPY:

This state of the art spy app will enable you to secretly view and record the text messages, WhatsApp Messages, Live calls, record sound through phone mike, access phone camera (front/back), view snaps of snap chat, view Tinder videos and they can also prioritize to spy on some specific applications which their children are using the most. BlurSPY has the most user friendly interface which is very easy to use and even a person who does not use computer or mobile applications very often can monitor his child’s activities so that he can help his child where needed so that he does not fall like Kelly Yeoman’s.

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