Should You Be Interested in Bintan

Should You Be Interested in Bintan

Bintan is a resort island in Indonesia that has garnered the attention of Asian tourism for a long time now. It continues to be one of the poshest locations in the area, filled with luxurious resorts and gorgeous scenery. If you have never been to Bintan yet, are there practical reasons to visit the island now in 2019? Let’s find out as we discuss why Bintan could very well offer exactly what you are missing in your life!

Gorgeous Real Estate with Serene Views

All the best resorts on the island are built with the idea of offering brilliant views of the sea and the distant skyline, but you can actually buy a seaview property Bintan to call your own and enjoy the glorious scenery throughout the year. The price of real estate on the island has recently taken a toll because of certain issues with local and foreign investors, which presents the perfect opportunity to buy real estate here at lower prices. In case you decide to sell it off in a few years, rest assured that you will almost certainly profit.

Do You Like to Play Golf?

If you thought Singapore was great for golfers, wait till you get a load of the price of membership and various other associated costs in the country! To get away from the exorbitant expenses of golfing in Singapore, head over to Bintan instead, which has multiple 18-hole courses that are not even nearly as expensive, but offer nothing less, if not more in terms of exclusivity and a lack of excess golfing population.

You Can Actually See Animals in the Wild

In this part of South Asia, you will see domesticated elephants, sedated tigers, and other quasi-domesticated animals who come out to pay a visit to the tourists, almost as if it’s part of their job description! However, that is not quite the situation in Bintan. The local guides are very conscious of the environment and while there won’t be any tigers, you are very likely to see beautiful snakes, perched monkeys on treetops, huge iguanas, and colorful birds on the mangrove boat tours. Stick to the day tours though, if seeing animals in the wild is what you are looking for.

How About Resorts?

We mentioned how Bintan was originally a resort getaway for a lot of Asian travelers, and the good news is that it still is! The only difference being the fact that the island is now more well-known to travelers around the world and not just Asia. While this has increased the number of tourists that visit Bintan, it is still very far away from being overcrowded. If you like luxurious golfing resorts with brilliant scenery all around you, Bintan definitely deserves your attention.

In conclusion, the answer to the question in the title would have to be a yes, provided you like any of what we just discussed. Besides, it just takes little over an hour by ferry to get here from Singapore or get back to the country if and when you so wish.

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