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When You Should and Shouldn’t Bathe Your Dog

Keeping pets clean is something that we should do regularly but how often should you bath your pets is something that we all don’t know. Dogs are very carefree animals they like to play around a lot. The dogs like playing with their owners and the other animals and that are exactly why they get dirty a lot.

Dogs being a pet also roam around in your house all the time so you must make sure to keep them clean and not cleaningthem can result in the bad odour. If your dogis dirty or smelling then it is a sure thing that it’s time for them to take a bath but when can you bathe them whenthey haven’t gotten dirty or smelly because they stay within your house all the time so in that case, you have to learn when it is time for them to bath.

Signs that your dog needs a bath

Following are some of the signs when you dog definitely needs a bath

  • The badodour is definitely a sign for you to give your dog a bath because definitely something bad is attached to them if they are stinking and to get rid of that smell what can be the best way but to give your dog a good bath.
  • Some of the dog breeds need to be bathed more often like the one with the oily skin and the ones with long hair because they get dirty easily so it becomesnecessary to bathe them more often.
  • If your dog hassome allergy then it becomes necessary for you to bathe them because the more time your dog will be exposed to allergens the worse it is and you should use the shampoos for them that your dog vet has prescribed you.
  • Getting all dirty is the sure sign of its time to get them bathed. If your doglikes playing a lot in your backyard or some other muddy area then you need to bathe them right after it and get rid of all the dirt from them.


 Some people like to give a bath to their dogseveryweek and even though it seems like a very good and hygienic activity but still with some dogs it maybe notgood. Bathing them often can lead to the skin irritation and it may also damage their follicles which may result in the shedding. Being theowner of your dog you must be aware of these things and should know is it okay for your dog to get washed.

So if that is the case with your dog too then you need to slow down your dog wash routine and shouldn’t wash your dogs for the whole week. But if your dog has the fleas or has some allergy then you should give them a bathas often as your dog vet recommends. Moreover, puppies shall not be given their first bath before they are 12 weeks older. If you have to get them cleaned before that then you can use a warm wet cloth and can clean them very gently.


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