Silk Designer Saree - Your Best Choice & The New Trend

Silk Designer Saree – Your Best Choice & The New Trend

Women and their love for sarees cannot be measured in terms of words or for that matter in numbers. Sarees are dear to women and the way it is worn in so many different ways is simply outstanding. You can carry it various ways and if you wish to count on fingers the ways or names by which it is draped, you might need more fingers. If you look into the closet of women, you might see a variety of sarees acquiring different corners; Chiffon, Georgette, Plain, Chanderi, Cotton and Silk even. There might be a lot more variety of latest designer saree available in the marker but silk can never be outdated. It can never go out of fashion and if you do not own any of the below-

Mentioned four designer silk sarees, your wardrobe might feel a lot more jealous of those who own them and unhappy for your choices.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Since we are the second largest producer of silk in the world, why are we keeping ourselves away from wearing silk woven sarees? Well, you might be astonished to hear that silk even comes in different varieties and you might hear so many new names. But once, you see its designs, the pattern, the history and for now the trend it has set over the years. Let’s unravel some of the finest designer silk sarees that you might be interested to decorate your wardrobe with.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

A wonderful handwork and woven with the finest threads of silk, Banarasi silk designer sarees is a must for your wardrobe. Available in intricate designs, patterns and easy on the pockets as well. The silver or gold brocade patterns for brides are mostly chosen as they look so classy and graceful if worn with gold jewellery. How about including it in your closet now?

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu is the origin from where we get this beautiful drape. Kanjeevaram silk sarees are known best for its broad borders with beautiful illustrations including temple designs, floral patterns and checks. If you do not own this now, you are missing the best fashion piece. If you love bright and vibrant colours, this designer women saree is the best you should grab one, now! Wear them with pearl jewellery or gold, it will simply look gracious and glamorous.

Raw Silk Sarees

Woven with the purest form of silk, raw silk designer sarees usually come up in plain and with contrasting border designs. This designer saree is the most preferred drape for young women because of its lightweight feature. Adorn it with a smoky eye makeup and pearl jewellery and look gorgeous as a Bollywood diva.

Cotton Silk Sarees

The most comfortable of all the other silk saree variants. This drape is a mixture of cotton and royal silk which can we wear throughout the day.  The most interesting feature that makes this the best is its beautiful pattern and if you are looking for variations in it, you’ll find it too. The graciously dead gorgeous look is awaiting you! Hurry up, pair these with precious gold or silver jewellery!

So, are you ready to grab a piece of all four of these women sarees and reward your wardrobe and of course the beautiful person in you!

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