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The Six Common Types Of Australian Visas

According to the DIAC-Department of Immigration and Citizenship, more than one million people pack their seven things every year to immigrate to Australia. However varied your motives, social status, culture, or age may be, they have one thing in common. They all have a valid visa. In essence, a visa for Australia is only a piece of paper that allows a person to visit the country for a certain time and to perform certain activities.

Another thing that is common to almost all immigrants is the effort to choose the right visa for Australia. But even if it seems as if there are an inexhaustible number of different visas in Australia, they can usually be classified into only six main categories.

One differentiates between:

  1. Qualified Visa: For those migrating to Australia, an experienced migration agent should be the primary point of entry. The success of the visa depends to a large extent on how the Department of Immigration and Citizenship classifies the training or the learned profession.
  2. Travel: If a trip to Australia is only for sightseeing or visiting the family, it is normally only necessary to travel to Australia. This visa is the ideal choice for the majority of holidaymakers and remains the most frequently issued visa for Australia.
  3. Working Holiday. Working or vacationing? This is both. The so-called “gap year” enables any Australian visitor aged 18 to 31 to live and work with the Working Holiday Visa for up to 2 years in Australia. This visa is particularly popular among high school graduates and students. In recent years, however, more and more graduates of classical vocational training courses have decided to spend one year in Australia after their training. While certain restrictions apply to students, immigration authorities are generally very flexible in this area.
  4. Business: Similar to a Skilled Migration Visa for Australia, a business visa is a permanent alternative that allows entrepreneurs to live in Australia indefinitely to stimulate them in any way to invest in the country.
  5. Family Visibility: One of the easiest ways to get to Australia is to sponsor a member of your own family. The most varied types of relationship are possible here, among others also married or adopted degrees of dependency.
  6. Marriage partner. Parallel to the family visa, the spouse works visa. If one of the partners already holds Australian citizenship or permanent resident status, it is usually also possible for the partner to obtain the same residence permit for Australia within just 2 years.

Your way to the visa for Australia

The visa for Australia should be held in your hands before you begin to make your relocation preparations. Even though the process of applying for the Australian visa can be daunting and often tedious, there are a lot of useful resources to help you make the decision. If you are still unsure which Australian visa is the right one for you, our migration agent in Perth are always be happy to advise you at any time. If you are considering a long-term or even permanent emigration to Australia, make appointment with our experienced migration agent and get free consultation anytime.


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