Smartphones and Students

Smartphones and Students: Pros & Cons

A smartphone is more than just a phone in today’s world. With the functionalities it handles, it can be termed more as a personal computer rather than just a device to make calls. Smartphones enable the user to access the internet, send and receive emails, messenger, and social media platforms, all kinds of media and more. With so many functionalities, it is debatable if a smartphone is truly good for a student or not. We have essentially reached a time wherein we cannot live without a smartphone as everything is going digital. Let us look at some of the aspects of smartphones which students can use for their benefits. 


  • Accessibility: As mentioned before, a smartphone has a ton of functionalities. Through the different applications which are being developed by developers. For a student working on a CBSE Previous Year Paper, a smartphone can be used as a scientific calculator to solves extensive logarithmic functions. Fifty years ago, who would have ever thought we’d be carrying a phone that fits in our palms with the capabilities of a personal computer.
  • Research capabilities: With the globalization of the internet, access to information has gone beyond the bounds. Everybody who has a smartphone and an internet connection can obtain any kind of information from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Solving doubts: Its natural for any student to have a doubt when studying a topic. Now, what’s smartphones offer are a platform wherein students can instantly talk to their classmates or teacher and solve their doubts, it could be an instant messenger or a forum page online.


  • Distraction: One of the main problems associated with smartphones is its ability to distract its audience from the task at hand. With many companies and their workforce working hard to create more user engagement on their websites, it’s easy for anyone to fall prey to their marketing campaigns.
  • Sleep loss: With the different apps offered on the smartphone platform like games and social media apps, students can be seen to spend their time on smartphones way after their sleep time.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the key aspects of how smartphones can benefit and create drawbacks for students. With the right and judicial use of smartphones, they can be a great advantage for anyone with any task at hand with their vast set of functionalities. To learn more about your upcoming exams and CBSE Question Paper,

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