The Causes and Treatment of Itchy Areola During Pregnancy

This is such an issue that is not discussed much, but it is one of the prevalent issues that  shows up in pregnant women. So many mothers-to-be face the issue of itchy areola during pregnancy, and it’s not so uncommon thing anymore.

As you know that pregnancy is associated with so many skin changes, hormones and this can be the reason of the flaring up of the skin near the nipples. There are various causes for it and each you will find common ones. So, here we have covered this topic for your convenience.

Weight gain and stretch of skin

As you know that during pregnancy women gain weight more than in the normal time, so the skin around the areola gets stretched and this can be the cause of itchy nipples. As the breast grows bigger, the areas around the nipples get stretched and it causes the itchiness. To get rid of it, you can try wearing non-irritating and soft fabrics. You also, need to moisturize the area with soothing cream which will get your relief.


This is one of the common culprits of itchy nipples in pregnant women. This is a type of eczema that can be caused by heightened temperature. This can be too much cold or warm, and it increases the chances of dry skin. Then this gets attached to the germs in the air, hormone changes. If you are not using sensitive soap or detergent then dermatitis might be a problem. However, you must talk to your doctor if eczema shows up and they will definitely prescribe you ointment for it.


In so many cases bacterial infection might show up. This is caused by bacteria and it enters the nipples through a crack in that area. If you wear bras for a long time, and just after you have taken a shower, an infection can affect you. Your healthcare provider or doctor might suggest you take antibiotics and will tell you to continue breastfeeding to lower the chances of the infection.


Breastfeeding also can cause irritation in the nipples. This thing shows up in 3 to 20% women and it can happen any time during the breastfeeding. The breast will get larger by the inflammation and will get swollen, which will lead to clogged ducts of milk. This happens because of the irregular breastfeeding patterns in mothers and also wearing a bra for a long time. Women who suffer from this are always encouraged to breastfeed more often and massage the affected area. If the mastitis is not cured in 1 to 2 weeks then you have to check with your doctor.

Paget disease

This is a kind of rare cancer that happens rarely but not ignorable. The mother might get a crusty or yellow discharge from the nipples, and it should be diagnosed as soon as possible. This disease is cured by radiation therapy and surgery is needed as well.

Lastly, if you face any itchiness around your nipples during or after your pregnancy, you can try using petroleum jelly and if it still doesn’t go away, you must contact your doctor for better treatment.

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