The History Of The Sewing Machine

Sewing is an ancient art and it started with the usage of animal horns or bones as needles. It was in the fourteenth century that iron-made needles were first invented. During the fifteenth century eyed needles came into existence. In 1755 mechanical sewing got invented and the patent was given to Weisenthal. Though many brands of sewing machines came and went but Brother sewing machine is the only one that is still in the market since 1908 with a higher reputation.

A briefing about the history of sewing-machines:

In 1790, Thomas Saint got the patent for making the very first complete sewing-machine. After that in 1810 Balthasar Krems, a German inventor introduced an automated sewing-machine for the very first time. Josef Madersperger an Australian tailor put an amazing effort for making the most innovative sewing-machine that can revolutionise the history of the sewing machine. Though he received a patent in the year 1814 he was not successful in doing so. John Knowles and John Adams Doge invented an interesting sewing-machine in America in the year 1814 but die to some mismatched features a lot of malfunctions occurred to the device. In 1830, Barthelemy Thimonnier introduced a highly functional device for sewing with a hooked kind of needle and one thread. His invention created a great riot as a result of which his garment-factory was also burnt badly by enraged French tailors. In America, the first heavily successful sewing-machine was developed in 1834 by Walter Hunt. 1850 is the year when Issac Singer got the first commercial machine in and this device got produced in mass. Though for royalty and patent a great conflict occurred in between singer and Elias Howe. After that James Gibbs got the patent for chain-stitch single-thread device in 1857. In 1873 zigzag stitching machine was introduced by Helen Augusta Blanchard from Portland. Electronically operating sewing-machine first got invented in 1905 which was followed by 1908 when Brother sewing machine got invented. This device got very much popular and still no it is considered as one of the most advanced sewing-machines. Many upgrades and innovative features have been added in order to make the machines much more functional and improved in nature. Currently, they are one of the highest selling sewing-machines in the market. Commercial stitching and sewing can be smoothly performed with the use of these machines. These machines are of different models and they are very much lighter in weight.

The Brother sewing machine has got some highly innovative characteristics that can make the sewing procedure much easier. If you want to purchase one or your sewing usage then you can get into the official site online. Else you can also reach to the different popular dealers selling this brand.

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