The Royal Accessory Game

The Royal Accessory Game

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be dressed like a member of the royal family? You might have the right dresses, but without the right accessories, you’ll always feel like the outfit is incomplete. So, let us peek into some of the accessories which might help you look a lot like Kate and Meghan.

1) Pink Victorian Ruffled Gloves

The tradition of wearing sheer gloves is something that has been coming for generations in the royal family. These pretty pinksheer gloves add a certain elegance to your look which will certainly complement the outfit. Pair it with a light-colored dress so that it works as a highlighter for your look. It has a puffy finish at the wrists and the material has some stretch which will be comforting enough for your hands.

2) Victorian Asymmetrical Gloves

These are a very subtle yet classic pair of gloves, embellished with a floral patterned jewels at the border and a slash cut design. It is the 21st century and obviously, you can’t keep sticking to the fashion rules of the royal family from the ‘70s or ‘80s. So, just to be a little experimental, you could try these gloves on a full sleeve dress or better a corset dress, accessorized with a nice designer hat and a nice pair of ballerinas. It comes in two shades – ivory and crimson. I would suggest pairing the white ones with light colors and the red ones with something more colorful.

3) Statement Belts: Flamingo feels

Just because you are trying to dress like the royals, doesn’t mean your choices have to be boring. You can wear this fancy belt and look a lot more interesting than the usual bland and boring. You can just hook this belt at the back which has flamingo-hued florets embedded onto a satin strip. Pair it up with a fancy gown or a corset dress, preferably light-colored. It just gives the perfect balance of color if you have a plain dress. Along with this, you can accessorize your outfit with a fancy pink purse and a hat along with pointed heels. With this statement belt, you just can’t go wrong.

4)Blue Lagoon Floral Embellished Pumps

Having just a pair or two of heels just doesn’t feel right, does it? As a wise man once said, a woman can never feel satisfied with the number of shoes she has. Well, he was certainly making a point. The blue lagoon heels are embellished with multi-colored florets along the outside of your foot with a pastel finish. This can be the go-to pick for attending high-profile parties, lunch dates, high tea and what not? It comes with a 4-inch slim heel, narrowing down the front. These heels will surely make people bow down to you. People do have such reactions to the royalty after all.Imagine donning these with a sexy corset dress and a pair of amazing sheer gloves.

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