The Sublime and Eternal Love of Radha-Krishna

The Sublime and Eternal Love of Radha-Krishna

Who isn’t aware of Radha-Krishna? The whole world knows them because of the divine love that existed between them. But that sad thing is that quite a good number of people misinterpret the eternal love as lust because those people doesn’t even know the actual definition of love.

As a child, almost all of us have heard a lot of mesmerizing stories about Radha and Krishna and wondered if Radha was his beloved then why didn’t he marry her? And even now, many of us don’t know the answer. Because we are engrossed in worldly things, nasty thoughts and have an impure heart. But to understand their divine love, one must have a pure heart and a clear soul.

If you will look carefully at Radha Krishna paintings on canvas, you will feel enlightened. Radha-Krishna’s love is the symbol of the seraphic union between the individual self (Jivatma) and the immortal self (Parmatma).

Radha, the most beloved gopi of Krishna 

It is said that the goddess Lakshmi, the female energy of Lord Vishnu, incarnated on earth as a milkmaid (gopi) in the village of Barsana near Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. This cow herding girl was known as Radha. She was born 15 days after Lord Krishna’s birthday, some 5000 years ago. Today, people celebrate this special day as ‘Radha Ashtami’ just after 15 days of ‘Janam Ashtami’ during the month of Bhadrapada (i.e. August or September, according to Gregorian calendar).

Most of the Hindu followers keep fast and pray the goddess Radha on her birthday, as they believe that doing this will bring a happy and prosperous life.

It is believed that when King Vrishabhanu went to bathe in the river Yamuna, he found baby Radha resting on a lotus with thousands of its petals glittering in the sunlight. Enchanted by the energy, King decided to take that baby to his palace. Even Queen Kirtida fell for the baby and couldn’t stop herself from adapting the charming girl as her daughter, despite having thought that the baby was blind.

When Yashoda, the adoptive mother of Lord Krishna, visited her friend Kirtida to see the divine baby, Krishna too accompanied her. Ultimately, Radha opened her eyes when Krishna bent over the cradle and looked at her. She bloomed like beautiful lotus flowers and their story started here.

While Radha was such an important part of Krishna’s life, her life story is unexplained and blurred.

Krishna, the hero of gopis (cow-herding girls)

Unlike Radha who was extremely beautiful, Krishna was a dark but the most charming and loved boy. He is known as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and was born as the eighth child of Devki but was raised by Yashoda and Nanda (the chief of shepherds).

When gopi bathed in the river, Krishna used to steal their clothes. But this doesn’t mean the same as we think. Instead, it signifies that before participating in Raas Lila, gopis had to surrender their ego, same, fear, prejudices, secrets etc. The enchanting sound of his flute captivated the gopis of Vrindavan completely and made them dance to the tune of it. Radha was one among such gopis and became Krishna’s favourite.

Krishna’s detailed life story can found in Puranas, famous epics of Mahabharata, and the Harivamsha.

Wrapping up

Radha-Krishna’s love story isn’t something of masculine and feminine thing or it isn’t any sort of romantic relationship (as we think) but it’s a love between two immortal souls that are completely free of any greed, lust or expectation. It’s something that is beyond human’s thought and understanding.

Just gather your senses, free up your mind and look at Radha Krishna paintings, you will feel the ecstasy of divine love emerging from your inner self.

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