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The main concept of The Sims is taken from the doll play: you will take a human-like creature and imitate real life character with them. However, the digital dolls are a lot more simulating the real people. Not just they have own age and gender, home and look; they have their got wishes and traits, relationships and social skills, and it all can be developed as per what is Sim’s nature. Your aim is to give your Sims one happy and intense life.

This time around developers enriched and enlarged the environment. Not just you may buy things and decorate The sims’ house, however you can explore the entire town and make this social. This town is actually inhabited by the characters you might know from the earlier installments; stories to investigate as well as follow are another pleasure. In Sims 3 download you have to run the entire family, with over 8 persons present. This game continues till the Sims is alive. If it perishes, then you may start anew. Your goal is to offer them with the happy life constantly. There’re 2 extremes possible: you recreate it yourself and family members, or you can make up somebody unlike you, with the grades between. When you set the traits, you will have to follow it to keep them going and satisfied. So, work and have lots of fun, attend parties and meetings, go dating and shopping, and maintain your looks! That is a complete sense.

Why did he game gain a lot of popularity? Because role modeling life is fun. Some like to play this game to take rest from their routine; some visualize their dreams as well as use this as a therapy. But, it is really very exciting to know more about the game or click reference.

This game lacks multiplayer mode from 2018, but it is this series’ idea. When you build your life, you do this in private, thus nobody will see it, and do not need to pretend anything. Keeping this game single-player, developers keep this honest and true. Still there are many other add-ons and expansions, adding the new locations and storylines, the new items for buying & characters to meet, careers & recreations, new skills, pets and supernatural creatures.

Playing in 3D is Fun

When this game is mainly about simulation, it must look amazing. Life of Sims goes in full 3D style, right from the beginning and infinity. When you create the characters or first mansion, style them up, decorate rooms, bring out to work and party or walk around, it is all as 3D as can be. Although the graphics level is so 2009, it is not essentially bad. Lacking on HD details just like in more installments, design is expressive.

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