Tips for A Minimalist and Comfortable Wedding

Tips for A Minimalist and Comfortable Wedding

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Every single and small detail is very important in any kind of event most especially on a wedding. Maybe you have been dreaming about your wedding day to be like this and like that and in a few days from now, you will be creating memories that you will cherish forever.

You might be thinking of oversimplifying your wedding like adding more bling bling to make the venue look lovelier or let the bridal party wear fancy dresses to make it more fashionable. It would be best to make it simple and unique. It makes it very warm and not complicated to the eyes of the guests. Your warmest welcome alone, being the bride, can make the guests and everyone to feel the warmth of the occasion.

In addition, your bridal party can wear simple yet quality bridesmaid dresses. Most guests will be keeping an eye on them whilst they are assisting you. Hence the bridal party has a very important role during the celebration and so comfort will also be a priority for them to be able to move freely. Allowing them to wear their preferred bridesmaid dresses -for as long they match the theme- will also make them feel comfortable during the occasion.

From the rehearsal to the wedding day, you can assure any guest to feel relaxed and at ease by trying to make everything manageable.

  • Never underestimate simple things such as snack bag. On your rehearsal, welcome them with snacks and provide important numbers and maps and do not forget to say thank you with a dazzling smile. Give them a warm welcome.
  • Signages – signages tells your guests the whereabouts such as parking area, the venue itself- where to sit. This style will make your guests feel welcome and get rid of confusion.
  • Relaxation station- Relaxed seating areas create an atmosphere for guests to enjoy the venue throughout the day.
  • Photo booth – you can also set a side for a simple backdrop for picture taking of the guests. The photos will serve as a remembrance for the guests who celebrated with you on your most splendid and grand wedding day.
  • Make the guests enjoy the event through involvement. Prepare the dance floor and ask everyone to join you on your first couple’s dance then you may also lead a community dance.
  • The dessert bars. Let them eat cake or pie or anything that is available.
  • Send off. You can ask the bridal party to distribute the wedding favors to the guests.

The best and perfect wedding days are relaxed, full of fun and stress free. Show your guests how in love you are to each other – it is the very reason why you are all gathered and your wedding is just the beginning of your forever lifelong love story.

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