Tips to choose the best Apple repair parts distributor

Tips to choose the best Apple repair parts distributor

Looking for wholesale distributors who can supply you decent Apple repair parts? You can find many wholesale distributors in the USA who supply repair parts but not every distributor is right for you. You need to know some important points to check if your distributor is good or not. If you find that your supplier is not the right one, you need to change your distributor as soon as possible.

Do check the following points before you choose an Apple OEM parts wholesale distributor to purchase the iPhone and iPad OEM repair parts like Screen repair, Home button repair, etc.   –

  • Do some research on the distributor’s website

First of all, you need to do some research on the website of the distributors. You will get to know about the distributor, their products and their supply process, etc. You can know about the distributor’s experience on their websites. Getting this information can be crucial in choosing the best distributor in the market.

  • Check the payment methods the distributor accepts

Online payments are quick and safe, that’s why the distributors own a website which can facilitate you to do online payments. Check if the distributor is accepting credit cards, PayPal, etc. If you don’t feel secure while online payment, you can request the distributor to accept your payment over the phone.

  • Check the warranty period of repair parts

The iPhone or iPad repair parts come along with some warranty. The wholesale distributors sell the Apple repair parts with some warranty period that can lie from one month to three months depends on the part you want to buy.

  • Check if the distributor offers an extra discount on bulk purchase

If you own a phone repair shop where you repair Apple products like iPhone and iPads, you can choose to buy the repair parts in bulk. Some Apple OEM parts wholesale distributors may offer their customers an additional discount if the customer chooses to purchase the repair parts in bulk. Contact the sales representative of the company before you place your order.

  • Check the shipping charge related information

You can actually save a lot if you choose to buy the Apple repair parts in bulk. Placing an order worth $250 or more can make you eligible for free shipping. If your order amount is higher and you choose to order worth $800 or more, your order can become eligible for free overnight shipping. You can find all the information related to shipping charges by visiting ‘shipping policy’ on the website of the distributor.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask any queries

If you have any queries regarding quality or shipment of Apple repair parts, don’t hesitate to ask the distributors. You can find the contact information on the distributor’s website. You can reach them via phone or Email. Ask them whatever questions you have got in your mind, discuss with them and then place your order.

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