Top 10 Social Media Blogs That You Should Follow Today

Top 10 Social Media Blogs That You Should Follow Today

Social media is the first preference of every digital marketer to gain more brand value on the web. In order to make proper use of social media every social media marketer needs to know about some facts and internal information. Some of the below mentioned blogs can surely help you out in the same if you are into social media marketing.

  1. Agora Pulse

Agorapulse is a specially designed social media management tool designed specially for agencies and team that work on the team. The blogs posted by them are entirely dedicated towards better tips for social media marketing.

  1. Buffer Social

Buffer social is yet another tool developed for management of social media posts and other stuff. The blog posts featured over buffer social have developed a niche that harbours all extremely high-quality blog posts.

  1. Socially Sorted

This blog focuses more over the visual content that is present on the social media instead of the written content. It basically includes infographics, and sort of storytelling making use of videos and images. If you are a social media blogger interested in learning better about the visual type of content then this is the best blog for you.

  1. The Social Media Hat

This one blog covers a quite wide spectrum of the overall topics present within the social media. The blog posts by social media hat feature some great images that support the written content present in the blog. Quite visible screenshot to make it more understandable for the audiences. This blog focuses mainly over the content and presents the same in a clean manner.

  1. Social media examiner

In opinion of social media examiner, it is the world’s largest resource of social media marketing. And the main reason behind this claim is their eminent repository of social media marketing techniques and strategies. Apart from the blogs, they also feature some of interview sessions from the experts and some interesting industry reports.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout social is quite famous for offering a number of solutions for social media management. The best part about there blog is that they are divided in a great way into four different parts including public, social strategy, analytics and publishing. It is believed to be the best ever blog for understanding social media analytics better. Also, they are the best because they publish one article every day for social media.

  1. Razor Social

Razor social focuses more on social media technology and tools that make it more efficient and interesting. It is an ideal blog for you if you too are a passionate individual for all the latest trends of social media tools and technologies. Apart from that you can also spot some great content other than the social media aspect.

Social media is an impactful approach to begin and dwell more within your own niche. For a better performance over social media some of these above mentioned blogs are undoubtedly the best ones.

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