Top Tips for Pushing Your Brand Identity Through Your Carrier Bags

Top Tips for Pushing Your Brand Identity Through Your Carrier Bags

Many businesses overlook the key benefits found in printed carrier bags. Brand identity is one of the most important things for any business to cultivate, and your carrier bags may be saying more about you than you first thought.

Here are three top tips for best promoting your brand identity via the humble carrier bag.

1. Clear printing

Think of your printed carrier bags as miniature billboards that your customers are going to be carrying with them everywhere, they go. Many shoppers take the same carrier bags into many different shops and often use them for carrying things other than just shopping, too. This means that your printed carrier bags are going to be on display to a potentially large group of people – friends, family, co-workers, and other shoppers.

So, ensure your branding is displayed as clearly as possible. Customers need to see at a glance what the name of your business is. Don’t get carried away with ornate typefaces – simplicity is the most efficient form of promotion that you can get. If your business has a logo and a defined colour scheme as a part of your brand identity, make sure they are carried over into your carrier bags. A cohesive brand identity is essential.

2. Offer usability

Customers love it when something has genuine usefulness, so your carrier bags need to be more than just eye-catching in order to promote your brand identity. The design will only capture customer attention and tell them who you are, you still need to establish the appeal of your business. Customers consistently apply perceptions about certain elements of a business to the brand as a whole – in short: good quality bags means a good quality business.

High-quality, well made, tactile carrier bags will improve your brand perception and cement your brand identity every time customers use them. Ensure the handles are secure and comfortable to hold when the bag is full of shopping, and that bags are not prone to tearing or splitting. Remember, the more inclined customers are to use your bags as often as possible, the larger the number of potential customers you are exposing to your brand identity.

3. Display eco-friendliness

Customers appreciate brands that care, and that make the effort to go the extra mile to make the world a slightly better place. So, consider the environmental impact of the bags that you’re offering your customers, because it’s an insight for them into your wider business practices. For example, paper bags went out of fashion for the convenience of plastic, but they have made a return as a high-quality and much more ecologically friendly alternative.

Jute or Hessian bags for life are an excellent idea, because they’re durable and reusable. You’re presenting a positive brand image, because you’re showing customersyou’re environmentally responsible. Though they’re usually a little more expensive than bulk-bought plastics, customers are likely to form more of an attachment to your brand when they invest in them. They are also more inclined to display increased brand loyalty.

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