How to Have Trademark Registration in Turkey

It is better to read through this if you wish to have registration of the trademark in Turkey. This piece of writing will make the laymen aware of the steps and ways of having such registration.

Filling and registration

  1. The filing and registration steps need to be appropriately followed for having such registration.
  2. If one selects an agent for filing on behalf of a company then the agent must have a proper power of attorney to do so.
  3. Notarization or legalization is not required in such cases of filling for trademark registration in Turkey.
  4. There are certain pieces of information that need to be provided along with the application form.
  5. The pieces of information required are as follows.
  • Information must be provided regarding the applicant;
  • Information regarding the representative must be provided if there is any
  • Information regarding the priority right must be provided while applying
  • A visual representation of the trademark must be provided along with the application.
  • A list of the applicable goods and services must be provided along with the application for patent and trademark registration in Turkey
  • Power of attorney must accompany the application form if the application is made through an agent.
  • The equivalent Latin letter for any non-Latin alphabet letters that is used must be specified in the application.
  • Information about the common representative must be provided in the application.
  • The trademark representation must be clear and should be in the exact manner as it should be.
  1. If one wishes then they can apply for multi-class registration.
  2. This will allow the trademark to be used in different classes.
  3. The application can be done through online means.
  4. There is an application fee which needs to be paid.
  5. The official fee for an application is approximately 50 Euros.
  6. If the applicant wishes to have priority then the official fee is approximately 40 Euros.


  1. The applicant at the time of application must clearly mention the priority that is wished to be claimed.
  2. The priority claim fee must be paid along with the application.
  3. The Patent and Trademark Office must have the priority document before the lapse of three months from the date of application for trademark registration for having utility model protection Turkey.
  4. If the documents are not submitted within the stipulated date, then the application will be processed normally as having no priority claim.


  1. It is not mandatory that searches have to be made before filing the application but can be done.
  2. The Patent and Trademark Office conducts such searches if written request is made.
  3. There are no options to have searched on device marks.
  4. There is an official charge to be paid for such searches.
  5. The fee for a search of one word in one class is approximately 15 Euros.
  6. For every additional class, the charge is approximately 5 Euros.


  1. The accuracy and the nature of completeness of the application are reviewed by the Patent and Trademark Office.
  2. If they are satisfied with the application form then an ex officio examination is conducted.
  3. They make an examination to find if similar nature of trademark is in use for any types of goods or services.
  4. They check whether the descriptions are not deceptive in nature.
  5. If there is an opposition then only check on relative grounds of refusal is conducted.
  6. When the ex officio examination is conducted then the authority may ask the applicant to complete the application properly and pay the required charges as laid down.
  7. Such rectifications must be made within two months from when they are asked.
  8. If such is done, then it will be taken that the same application will be taken into consideration for having the trademark registered.
  9. It may be that the authority can cancel the application on absolute grounds.
  10. In such cases, the applicant can request for a re-examination of the application which they have submitted.
  11. The applicant can appeal against any rejection that is made.
  12. Within two months of rejection, the appeal must be placed in the office of the Patent and Trademark Office’s Re-examination and Evaluation Board.


  1. As the registration is published in the Official Trademark Bulletin, it comes into effect.
  2. The protection period is 10 years from the date of application.
  3. The registration can be renewed six months before and after the renewal date.
  4. If it is not done within six months from the renewal date, then a penalty has to be paid.
  5. The registration fee approximately 130 Euro.

So, knowing all these it would be easier for one to apply for such trademark registration in Turkey.

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