Waves and Weddings: How To Have The Perfect Beach Wedding

Waves and Weddings: How To Have The Perfect Beach Wedding

Best Wishes! Weddings are fairy tale dreams come true. Add waves and sand and it is totally magical. No wonder many couples go for beach weddings. There is that enchanting, almost otherworldly beauty in the crashing waves and the sunset that follows.

Whether you want the ever popular beach wedding destination that is Hawaii or some other beach venue, you must always keep in mind that there are many considerations you have to take into account when planning this dream beach wedding of yours.

Continue reading to find out how to plan the perfect beach wedding of your dreams!

1) Search Early For A Beach Venue

Beaches, private and/or public, are very busy especially during peak seasons. This is why it is very hard to find beach venues that would accept beach events like weddings, birthdays or other celebrations. Make sure to make early inquiries and reservations so that you will have enough time to accommodate rejections and bargain for prices.

2) Wear A Comfortable Beach Wedding Dress

Never compromise fashion over comfortability. Your dress should be lightweight and flowing to give that magical, laid back effect. You would not want to wear a heavy dress and brush through the ground, collecting tons of sand on your way to the aisle. Heavy dresses also tend to be very hot and itchy especially in hot and humid temperatures.

3) Have The Right Timing

Beaches can either be windy and/or blazingly hot. Choose the time of the day when the sun is not as scorching hot and when the wind is not too strong. This is to ensure that everyone, the wedding entourage and the wedding guests alike, are comfortable.

4) Book The Best Local Events Rental

Weddings are not so much of the celebration as they are what forms part of them. Choosing the right events rental company can make all the difference. Make sure that you hire the best party rentals in the locality where the wedding venue is to be held. This is to ensure that everything will go on smoothly and you will not be burdened with unnecessary stress come your wedding day.

5) Rent A Good Sound System

Since beach atmospheres tend to be busy and the spacious, investing in a good sound system is a good idea. Make sure that you rent a good sound system that can beat the background noise at the beach. Doing this will ensure that external factors like noise pollution, crashing waves and strong winds can be addressed well and not let them overpower the ceremony.

6) Do Not Forget To Get The Necessary Permits And/Or Licenses 

This may be unknown to many but some states, municipalities and cities require the securing of permits and licenses before beach gatherings or events are allowed. Make sure to make a research about this beforehand to avoid horrible consequences such as police visits and/or lump sum fines.

 7) Make Sure To Advise Your Guests On The Beach Setting Of The Wedding

Making sure that your guests are aware of the beach setting of your wedding can avoid the inconvenience of them having to buy out of place outfits beforehand and knowing fully well what comfortable outfits they can don on the big day. You may also advise them about the weather during the ceremony so that they can dress accordingly.

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