Waxing The Car In A Proper Manner

Waxing The Car In A Proper Manner

Nothing can beat the sight of maruti car wax coating? Heading to a good auto spa can prove to be costly as for a good car wax you end up paying $ 40. In availing the services of a good auto dealer waxing at your home will yield the desired result. Just you need an hour and a mind set to accomplish the task. In following the below mentioned tips you can achieve this objective just as you had availed the services of an auto expert.


Before preparing to wax the car choose the right type of wax. With any type of paint a nonabrasive wax works best. Abrasive paints working for cars do not have dark surfaces or shiny exteriors.

Once the correct type of wax is chosen it is time to wash your car. To wash your car never uses a dish detergent. They will strip off the paint leaving it devoid of protection. Once the process starts it is termed as paint oxidation.

To wash exteriors use a commercial washing product. Wash it in a comprehensive manner and with a sham you can dry. Before applying the wax ensures that the car is completely dry.

Application of car wax

A quality wax, a soft sponge with a cloth or soft towel will be needed. If nothing is available cloth diapers work out to be a better choice or a terry cloth would be similar. When the car surface is cool waxing works better so parking is to be done in the shade. In an inconspicuous area, text the wax so that the paint will not be ruined.

To the sponge apply a small portion of wax. Begin at the top and get down to the bottom panels. An effective suggestion would be work with small areas at a single time with application of a thin layer of wax with circular and anti-clockwise movements. Do not touch surfaces like door seals as wax will be discoloured.

Once wax has been applied in a particular section, make your way to the entire car.  Leave out the bottom panels at the last because dirt and residue could accumulate.

Once waxing over, remove the wax from the matte paint. Just proceed to the car for one last time and with a new cloth wipe any wax that is left behind. This is the modus operandi of maruti car coating service Delhi.


The exteriors of your car will be protected if you apply wax on a regular basis.

While waxing your car change clothes so that you do not have to re wax the car. This prevents streaking.

Wash all the towels and keep them clean for your next wax. A soft fabric softener can be used to keep them gentle and soft on the car surface.

In case if you have not gone on to wax your car on a regular basis, you might take it to a dealer for a good coating. After an initial phase of treatment you can still continue to wax the car.

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