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What To Wear During And After A Spray Tan Session?

If you’re planning to get a spray tan to achieve that natural, beautiful bronzed glow, you must have lots of questions. Indeed one of the things people are concerned about is what to wear for a spray tan.

Given the mistruths about spray tanning, it is understandable to be nervous or feel a little worried.  But the truth is you should wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Many beauty salons are keen to make you feel amazing by putting your mind at ease while you get a spray tan.  The tanning techs are not only discreet but are trained to make you feel great as you tan.

A swimsuit or underwear?

You can choose to wear a conservative bathing suit, underwear or nothing at all as long as you’re happy with it. There’s no pressure, you comfort is the priority. Most high-end salons provide a disposable thong for you to wear.

Although many professional spray tans are completely private, your technician may recommend going topless so you don’t have shoulder or chest strap marks but you can tan in whatever makes you comfortable.

Should I mind tan lines?

Some people despise tan lines. Others simply don’t mind them. Tan lines occur when you wear clothing during your spray tan session.  The fabric blocks color, thereby causing tan lines to form around the edges of your outfit. This ultimately affects the quality of your finish.

If you’re planning to take your spray tan to a beach holiday, it is nearly impossible to hide tan lines under your bikini or beach wear. In that case, you may want to match the tan lines with your go-to bathing suit. In order to achieve that bikini-ready body, make sure you go into the spray tan session wearing similar or matching beachwear.

Just make sure it’s something dark that you don’t mind if it becomes stained. Of course, the tanning formula will wash off, but it’s best not to turn up in your favorite bikini.

Remember the best way to avoid tan lines is to go in with a bare skin. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.

You can also choose to have a half body spray tan if you prefer to get a glow on your upper body and face or just your legs. It is the best option if you feel nervous about revealing too much skin in front of a stranger. Also, half body spray tan is usually less expensive.

After getting your tan, make sure you wear only dark, loose-fitting clothes so as to avoid rubbing off the tan. The idea is to give the fake tan as much time as possible to adhere to your body and ensure staining or streaking doesn’t occur.

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