What are the keys to a Great Thumbnail?

What are the keys to a Great Thumbnail?

When it comes to getting your video the views and reach it deserves, nothing works better than having a quality thumbnail. But just using a good picture does not guarantee you any sort of success of platforms such as YouTube. On this video sharing website, you can find hundreds of videos being uploaded on an almost daily basis; the sheer competition makes it hard for videos to stand out.

You need to employ the use of other social media, such as Facebook to maximise reach. The use of tools such as customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail can also help garner more viewers. Yet however, the key aspect of getting maximum views is a good thumbnail, one that questions and makes viewers curious about the video.

This list involves some comprehensive detailing on how to make the best possible thumbnail for any video you upload.

  • Bright and vibrant pictures: The first and foremost important key to a good thumbnail is utilising a high-quality picture taken with the video, or a screen grab from a frame in the video. Using good lighting conditions which can enhance details for your video is extremely important; it brings out the colours and makes your image look brighter on the whole. We live in a time where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter; getting the attention of viewers has become the main objective. Good quality images are the key to that.
  • Action shots: If your video involves some new action shots, such as slow motion or drone shots, you can use a screen grab to create a very visually pleasing thumbnail, one which will attract viewers from different target groups. The key with such shots is that since we do not usually see them with the naked eye, it looks far more enticing to watch.
  • Key phrase and titling: Another very important part of making a good thumbnail is using a good phrase you can put on the picture. It should be relevant to the video itself and should be a question or a suggestive of change. Phrases and titles such as this are very provocative and appeal to the human side of things, where intrigue pulls us in and we are seeking answers to questions.
  • Using your subject: If you are the main subject or if it is someone else, you can use their picture, particularly one in which their face is sufficiently exposed and where they are smiling. Human features such as bright eyes and smiles, appeal to every human and makes them feel like they can trust the person.
  • Custom thumbnail creator: For those of you sharing the video on social media sites, using a thumbnail creator can be of huge help. Using a custom YouTube to Facebook thumbnail can appeal more to more mainstream viewers who are tired of looking at the same old video format.

With these tips in mind, you can now create thumbnails which catch everyone’s attention and thus helping you garner views and likes on your videos.

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