What Is Oxygen Therapy For Cancer Patients

What Is Oxygen Therapy For Cancer Patients

Oxygen therapy for cancer involves providing the oxygen to the human body to speed up the process for cancer treatment. This treatment has proved to be very effective in some of the cases. Some of those cases also involve treating cancer patients. There is a need for more research in this field, but this therapy has proved to very effective in making the traditional treatments work. Normal air is about 22% of oxygen. People can get enough oxygen by breathing in the fresh air.  But there are various health benefits to take in more oxygen. The lungs would be taking in more oxygen which is beneficial for the body.

What are the benefits of oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy is applied for a number of reasons because it promotes healing to the body. Oxygen is distributed to every part, every cell of the body as it flows through the bloodstream. It promotes healing through the release of some substances that are needed by the body. The oxygen is also very useful in fighting various infections and diseases. The more the oxygen our body gets, the better for the body it is going to be. More oxygen is also going to heal the body of various injuries. If you have faced some serious infections, oxygen therapy will help boost up your immune system to fighting against those infections.

But how does a cancer patient benefit from this therapy?

Oxygen is very important for the growth and dividing of the cells. Studies have found that every cancer patient had a low amount of oxygen in the cells. So the researchers found out that proving more oxygen to the cells will help in reducing the growth of cancer cells or it will help in reduction of the growth of the tumor.

There are proofs as well in some studies that oxygen can help hinder the growth of cancer. Some studies have also found out that if chemotherapy is combined with the oxygen therapy for cancer, it can help in slowing down the growth of cancer. This is because chemotherapy will prove as resistance to those tumors when combined with the oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy for cancer has also proved to make radiation therapy much better and with more effective results.

There are some conditions in which radiation theory is going, and oxygen therapy helps you in the healing process. There are some wounds which are difficult to heal while undergoing surgery of cancer patients and oxygen therapy for cancer will help you to heal those wounds or any remaining infections. This is going to make the cancer patients feel better.

Researchers are still on the path on how does the oxygen therapy can be used for cancer patients. So far the results have been promising in relieving the side effects. This therapy makes the radiation and the chemotherapy more effective. It is a very simple procedure which helps in healing the body of cancer.

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