What is Semen Analysis test? Why it is Done?

What is Semen Analysis test? Why it is Done?

Semen analysis test or sperm analysis test helps to find if the male is infertile. During the test process, certain traits of male sperm or semen are evaluated. It may evaluate male infertility, the reason behind it and also helps to arrive at the suitable treatment mode. As per the method of analysis, few characteristics can be analyzed. The measurement method, the collection technique might alter the result.

Wondering about the reason for taking the test? Semen analysis in the laboratory is done to investigate couple infertility. It is also done after vasectomy to find if the procedure was successful or not. The test is also done to analyze semen of sperm donors. Generally, the test is the part of pre-pregnancy test and the male has to undergo it. The test is however rare. It will not be conducted till the doctor requests to do so. Only when there is a strong suspicion of infertility, the test is scheduled.

Semen quality and fertility

Semen analysis measures some characteristics of semen or the quality of semen which is directly associated with male fertility.  But, don’t think that normal test result imply everything is fine.  It may not be the case. Even when the semen analysis report is normal, the sperm functioning may be abnormal to cause fertility problem. On the other hand, men with abnormal semen analysis report can very well become fathers in future. We have to adopt a collectible approach or various methods to find more about semen quality and male fertility.

Why this test is done?

Sperm count test may be done along with semen analysis to find the total of sperm in the given volume of semen. They are both established infertility tests performed to find about male infertility. If you are having trouble in conceiving, don’t blame yourself. It may be due to poor semen quality or lower sperm count of male. If a male suspects infertility, the test may be performed. It is also necessary to do this test after vasectomy to find if that was successful or not.

How the test is done?

For semen analysis, the sample of semen is collected. The container should be sterile while having wide mouth. This sample is then sent to the lab for testing. It is great to learn that the test may even be done at home. Collect the semen in the special condom that comes from healthcare professional. To test for infertility, the semen should be analyzed within an hour’s time. It may be that two different collections are required on two consecutive days for analysis. Prior to the collection of sample, the male must completely refrain from indulging in sexual activity. It is important to follow each and every instruction given by the doctor or healthcare professional.

What it measures?

Semen analysis is done to test the quality of semen. It measures both the quality and quantity of semen which is released during male ejaculation. Semen analysis mainly evaluates seminal fluid or liquid portion and also the moving microscopic cells, namely, the sperm. Following are the aspects it analyses:

  • the semen volume
  • viscosity or the thickness of semen
  • the total count of sperm
  • acidity level or pH
  • sperm motility
  • the density of sperm or its concentration

Do you want semen analysis to be done at home? Just like physiotherapy for back pain treatment may be taken at home, you may schedule any of the tests at your home.

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