What Vaccines You Should Get at the Time of Pregnancy


Vaccines are important not just when you are pregnant but from before that, when you need to fight against some infections and germs. However, when you are pregnant the need for the same gets crucial, and that is not just for the time you are with the fetus in your womb, but it will be after you have given birth. One of the most important vaccines during pregnancy you have to get is of, Measles, rubellass, mumps, pertussis, Tetanus, and diphtheria, also other shots of flu.

The vaccines for diphtheria, and measles you have been given when you were a kid, but the same will be repeated when you are pregnant, and this will work as a booster. If you are unaware of the vaccines during pregnancy, then here we have covered the same for your convenience.

  1. Influenza vaccine

This is a common type of vaccine to give the mothers-to-be. As you know this thing can have a mild effect on a person, but in some cases, this can have a severe result, and it can be deadly too. If you are pregnant then you have to reduce the risk of getting affected by this flu, because it will make way for miscarriage, or for preterm birth. Your baby might be stillborn. So, if you get vaccines in early pregnancy and of influenza then it will prevent the onset of any kind of fatal flu near you or your baby.

The perfect time to get the influenza shot is at the start of the flu season, and it will keep you safe from any type of disease.

  1. Tdap vaccine

This provides protection against the pertussis infection. This is also known as whooping cough, by which the kids get affected by wheezing. This vaccine is very safe and it should be taken during pregnancy. Nowadays, the shot named Penta, which is the mix of 5 vaccines, and this is given to the newborn kids and pertussis is a part of the same. However, Tdap is transmitted from the mother to the child, and if the baby gets affected by whooping cough due to the absence of this vaccine, then it can be life-threatening. So, if you do not want this disease to affect your child, you must get this shot while you are pregnant and even after the birth you have to get your kid vaccinated.

  1. The MMR

This is a safe one for women who are planning to get pregnant or already are. This vaccine prevents the onset of rubella, which can have a very harmful effect on the unborn child. The result of this disease can be,

  • Loss of hearing
  • Cataracts
  • Miscarriage
  • Defects in heart
  • Brain damage

So to prevent these health issues, you must take the shots of rubella, and it has to be taken just before one month you get pregnant.

Check these vaccines and you will understand why it’s really important to get these shots when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. These will ensure yours and your baby’s health and will prevent all the onsets of major diseases.

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