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What to do Within the First 10 Minutes of Hotel Stay

Traveling is always a part of the bucket list.

Since traveling allows a person to see and explore new things, experience unique culture and have a taste of diverse food; it’s not a big question why a lot of people have wanderlust.

Apart from the travel essentials and the itinerary, most backpackers and travelers often have to search for the best accommodation to ensure that they’ll have a safe, sound & peaceful sleep at night. Unlike with camping that mainly uses tents, visiting popular tourist sites and destinations to unfamiliar places without a reservation to a hotel or a guesthouse can cause a challenge to everyone.

When looking for shanghai hotel, there are loads of things to look for – to make sure that you and your companions are in the right place. While a high-class and luxury hotel gives ultimate convenience, guests should also learn to make the most out of their hotel experience.

Save money on food consumption by…

Enjoying free lunches

A lot of hotels, especially five-star ones offer free meals (breakfast and lunch) to guests who have booked in advance or have chosen premier suites. Not sure on what to feed your mouth? Hotel staffs can provide a menu of the meals that can be served hot and fresh at your door. You just have to know what time the meal begins and when to order them to keep the staffs posted.

Savor the aroma of your morning coffee and brighten up your day with toast bread with the combination of an egg. Or you can have ham & egg/sausage bun. Place your order and the excellent chefs and hotel crews would prepare the dishes for you.

Use all available amenities

One of the best benefits of staying in a hotel accommodation is that there are flat, widescreen and high-definition television, gyms, large pools, garden and other amenities that every guest can avail. Once you make bookings and reservations, you’ll live like a royalty. Apart from the world-class services, the staffs are friendly and approachable to everyone too.

Just be kind and rest assured the hotel staffs would treat you fair and nice.

Feel free to complain

When you feel disrespected and ignored, you have the right to complain. But do it properly. Don’t just raise your tone and have a sudden emotional outburst without knowing who to blame. Yes, not all hotels can give a service that you’re searching for. But this doesn’t mean you’ll behave irresponsibly with your words and actions.

There are two ways to raise your concerns:

  • Leave comments on suggestions box
  • Post your complaints on their official websites or social media accounts.

Either way, give a piece of your mind about your hotel experience.

Place things properly

Once you’ve arrived at your hotel room, place everything in the right place. Put toiletries in the comfort room. Fold or hang your clothes on the cabinets. Place shoes under the bed. Simply put, make yourself at home.

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