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Women – The Front of Next Big Sneaker Game

Sneakers have become over a couple of decades one of the most important parts of world culture since the last couple of decades. Have any of us ever given any thought to the ever-present sneakers and their evolution?

Whether you call them sneakers or tennis shoes or basketball shoes or in any other form, they are a global obsession worn by billions of people. Critical facts in gender equality in sectors have been a matter since the begin of time. And inadequate in case of sneaker for woman has been an issue. But things are changing. The world now knows that women sneakerheads exist out there. Women – the front of next big sneaker game.

For years, the sneakerhead market was a boys’ club. Everything centered on men’s tastes and men’s sizes–testosterone all but oozed from sneakerhead blogs like Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, and Complex. Women were often neglected out when it came to finding exclusive editions in their sizes. But with the women’s sneaker market growing 5% in the last year, athletic brands are paying attention. Just look at Nike, which unveiled a female-focused retail concept called Unlaced during Paris Fashion Week.

The sneaker is a force in fashion, music and sports. It encourages the humans in numerous ways. For women, it plays a significant role. It is a commitment by the women so that they can motivate themselves to be active always, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals. Female athletes have elevated sneakers for women in meaningful ways over decades.

A group of female runners packed together in 1979 to create the International Runners Committee (IRC) in order to fight for the inclusion of long-distance running. Enthusiastic brands like Nike partnered with IRC. They actively provided funding and exposure to help push women’s running to new levels of acceptance.

Until the early 1980s, woman’s longest distance running permission in the Olympic Games was 1,500 meters. The long-held belief reflected that women weren’t physically capable of handling longer tracks.

In 1981, the International Olympic Committee voted to include the women’s 3000m and marathon in the 1984 Games. They went with this rule by ignoring the statute that mandated waiting four years before implementing new sports. Joan Benoit Samuelson made history in the summer of 1984 when she won the first women’s marathon at the Games in Los Angeles. Thus she helped ignite a running movement. Women in large numbers grew more connected to sport and adopted a lifestyle of fitness. And that is how sneaker was beginning to get inside of the women footwear empire more and more. From games, women started to make a considerable impact on movie, drama and most importantly on hip-hop and rap music. As sneaker has a strong bonding with these sectors. As a result, it started to inspire women to introduce sneaker to their daily life usage as a colourful representation of their creativity and importance.

In the male-dominated sneaker world, women have successfully made their impact as a suitable adversary. Brands are now focusing more and more on dedicated sneakers for women with their dire needs kept in mind. They believe that women – the front of next big sneaker game is a reality not a dream anymore. And for all the latest women exclusive sneaker release dates in the UK, ladies bestow your belief upon us at We are the dedicated soul to find all the most recent and eye-popping silhouette for all the brace, powerful and passionate women who are searching for the perfect footwear of their choice. Follow us on social media via @FastSoleUK and stay tuned with our list of exclusive women sneakers releases in the UK and Footwear Release News Europe.

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